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Level Up Your Professional Special Education Advocacy

Dear Aspiring Advocates and Education Champions,

Have you ever looked at the world of special education and thought, "I could make a real difference here"? 

Perhaps you're a dedicated parent who's navigated the challenging waters of IEPs and now seeks to empower others. 

Or maybe you're a retired educator, yearning for a fulfilling "second act" that truly impacts lives.

Introducing: Level Up Advocacy from Don't IEP Alone

This isn't just another course; it's a transformative journey. If you dream of becoming a Professional Special Education Advocate—whether you aim to earn a living or simply make a meaningful impact as a volunteer—this is your blueprint.

For Working Advocates and Aspiring Change-Makers

This course is tailor-made for individuals who want to dive deep into the realm of special education advocacy as a profession. 

If you're already an advocate, it's your opportunity to fine-tune your skills and grow your advocacy practice. If you're a parent or teacher with the desire to transition into this rewarding field, you're in the right place.

The Business Side of Advocacy

Let's talk business. This isn't just about understanding IEPs; it's about building a thriving advocacy practice. 

We delve into:

✅ Business Information: Unlock the secrets of setting up your advocacy business, from legalities to branding.

✅ Client Acquisition and Management: Discover the art of finding and maintaining clients who trust in your expertise.

✅ Fee Structures: Learn how to value your services and accept fees for the incredible value you provide.

✅ And More: We leave no stone unturned in preparing you for a successful advocacy career.

Your Gateway to Expertise

This purchase grants you unlimited access to our Advocate Training Library, featuring a wealth of invaluable sessions. 

You'll gain insights from seasoned advocates, entrepreneurs, attorneys and educators who've walked the path you're embarking on.

Live Chats: An Exclusive Opportunity

But that's not all. We also offer Live Chats, where you can interact directly with experts and fellow advocates. Most advocates tell us that this is their favorite part of the program. Let's face it--working from home as an advocate can be isolating. But, with our weekly chats, you get to interact and have your own colleagues and support network.

And, new in 2023: We are bringing in special education attorneys to help us "level up" our IEP knowledge. They'll explain current issues, newest case law decisions and more.

Why Choose Professional Special Education Advocacy?

Imagine a career where you change lives for the better every single day. Imagine making a living while doing something you're passionate about, all while creating a brighter future for children with special needs. That's the world of special education advocacy, and it's waiting for you.

Join Us Today and Become the Advocate You're Meant to Be!

It's not just a career; it's a calling. Be the advocate who makes a difference. Join us now and pave the way for a brighter future.

To Your Advocacy Success,

Lisa Lightner

P.S. Don't let your dream of making a profound impact in the world of special education slip away. Join us now, and let's turn your passion into a profession that truly matters.

This is for people who wish to become Professional Special Education Advocates--either paid or volunteer. Many IEP parents go on to work as advocates. And, many retired school staff go on to work as advocates in their "second act."

It is related to business information, finding and managing clients, accepting fees for services, and more. My 4-part Advocacy Strategy is available in the Don't IEP Alone Parent Training. This is the business components to complement that.

This purchase allows you unlimited access to the many sessions already in the Advocate Training Library, and any new recordings that may be added.

This purchase includes live weekly chats, and information sessions or case law reviews with special education attorneys. 

  • November 9: Meet Steve Jacobson from The Education Lawyers. He'll be chatting with us about considerations before heading to due process.
  • November 16: Mike Connolly from McAndrews, Mehalick, Connolly, Hulse and Ryan PC will be talking to us about legal consults with clients.
  • November 30: Laura Heneghan from LOLAH will speak with us about non-IDEA attorneys and answer our questions.
  • TBD: Another attorney from McAndrews will speak with us about non-native English-speaking clients and their rights.
  • December 7:  Michael Gamel-McCormick is the Disability Policy Director for Senator Casey of Pennsylvania. Senator Casey has long been a champion for disabled people and is on the Senate HELP committee. He will speak to us about what is going on in Congress now and in 2024, as it pertains to our kids.

17 Lessons

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Welcome to the World of Professional Advocacy

Get started in professional special education advocacy.

Getting Started in Professional Advocacy

Gain a foundation for starting an advocacy business.

How to Set your Advocacy Prices

Advocates will have a path to follow to help determine how much they should charge for their services.

Tips to Onboard New IEP/504 Clients

Help Advocates develop a process for bringing on new clients.

IEP Record Review Worksheets

Understand how to do a solid, thorough record review.

Advertising your IEP Advocacy Business

Learn innovative and inexpensive ways to find clients.

Time Management and Burnout Tips for Professional Advocates

Learn how to deal with stress and burnout that comes with being an advocate.

Talking about Money with your IEP Clients

Learn how to embrace talking about money and payments with your clients.

How to Deal with Difficult Clients and Difficult IEP Teams

Tips and strategies for dealing with difficult personalities.

Intangible Skills Needed for Special Education Advocacy

What does it take to be a good advocate?

Are you ready to Open your Advocacy Business?

Are you ready for clients? Let's take a look.

Advocates, Should You Work for Free? When? How often?

Considerations for Professional Advocates before they work for free.

Attorney Chat: Steve Jacobson

Attorney Chat: Mike Connolly

Case Law with Laura Heneghan

Disability Policy Director Michael Gamel-McCormick

Hot Topics with Jacki Lembeck