IEP Transition Workshop Series Watch Preview

Does the thought of IEP transition and the journey into adulthood fill you with anxiety? 

You're not alone. 

Every parent and educator wants one thing—for their children to reach their fullest potential and lead meaningful lives as adults.

But here's the reality: To secure those outcomes, you must take control of your child's destiny. You must be the guiding force that shapes their future. 

And that's where our IEP Transition Workshop Series comes in—a series that will empower you with knowledge, strategies, and confidence like never before.

Unlock the Path to a Brighter Future:

In this transformative workshop series, you won't just learn about IEP transitions; you'll become your child's best advocate during this critical phase of their educational journey.

Here's What Awaits You:

👉 Navigating Middle and High School IEPs: Discover what to expect from these crucial IEPs and how to prepare effectively.

👉 The Power of an IEP Vision Statement: Learn what an IEP vision statement is, why it's vital, and how to craft one that paves the way to your child's success.

👉 Unveiling the IEP Transition Process: Get an overview of the IEP transition process before diving into the details, ensuring you're prepared for the journey ahead.

👉 IDEA's Perspective on IEP Transition Planning: Understand what IDEA, the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, says about IEP transition planning and how it shapes your child's future.

👉 Crafting Meaningful IEP Transition Goals: Discover the art of developing goals that resonate with your child's aspirations and potential.

👉 Overcoming Obstacles with Your School Transition IEP Team: Learn how to navigate potential challenges and ensure your child's needs are met.

👉 Accessing Adult Services: Gain essential insights into what you need to know about accessing adult services and support.

More Than Just Training: A Wealth of Resources

Take control of your child's outcomes. Learn how to get your team on board...and so much more in this workshop series.

In this training series, you will learn how to be your child's best advocate during this very important time in their IEP career.

This training series contains videos, PDFs, workbooks and so much more.

This training was developed primarily for parents and caregivers. However, expectations around IEP transition and legal precedent is rapidly changing, so teachers and staff have a lot to gain by taking this training series.

7 Lessons

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What to Know About Middle and High School IEPs

Put together a foundation for a solid IEP for middle/high school.

Utilizing an IEP Vision Statement for Better Outcomes

Know the Importance of an IEP Vision Statement, and Create one!

Transition Workshop 1: What IDEA Says

Getting started on a solid transition plan for your child.

Transition Workshop 2: Evaluations and More

Set the Foundation for what your Child's Transition Program will look like

Transition Workshop 3: IEP Transition Goals and Supports

Learn how to establish meaningful IEP transition goals for your child.

Transition Workshop 4: Overcoming IEP Team Hurdles

Get your IEP Team to YES with your child's IEP transition planning.

Transition Workshop 5: Adult Services

Gain an understanding of some of the services available for disabled adults.