IEP Toolkit for Parents: PDF Only

🌟 Are you ready to empower yourself in the world of IEP advocacy like never before? 🌟

Get ready to unveil the game-changing IEP Toolkit for Parents (PDF Only)—a toolkit that will forever transform the way you navigate the intricate landscape of your child's Individualized Education Program (IEP).

Created by Lisa Lightner of A Day in Our Shoes, this toolkit is more than just a collection of PDFs; it's your secret weapon in advocating for your child's educational success.

An Arsenal of Resources and Tools

Data Collection and Re-evaluations (9 Pages):

  • 📋 A meticulous checklist to assess your child's IEP present levels and determine sufficiency.

  • 📝 A comprehensive list of possible evaluations to request during evaluation time.

  • 📄 A documentation form for parents, enabling you to track incidents that may not be suitable for email.

  • 💡 Considerations for those contemplating shorter school days or weeks.

  • 📊 Additional progress monitoring documents for tracking information, incidents, progress, regression, or skills during breaks or at home.

Free E-Guides Zip File (5 Resources):

  • 📖 "How to Understand IEP Evaluations"

  • 📘 "IEP Meeting Workbook: How to Prepare for One"

  • 📕 "My E-Guide to Common Parent IEP Mistakes"

  • 📚 "Understanding FAPE Guide"

  • 📝 "How to Write to Your IEP Team"

But That's Not All...

  • 🚀 "How to Ask Your IEP Team for Just About Anything-E-Guide"

  • 📅 Newest Version of "How to Prepare for an IEP Meeting"

  • 📒 "IEP Binder/Planner Pages"

  • 📦 "IEP Development Resources Zip File," including:

    • 🌼 Anxiety Accommodations

    • 🌐 Everything Executive Functioning Guide

    • 📚 A comprehensive list of accommodations for all disabilities

    • 👂 A list of sensory accommodations

    • 📝 Student vision statement workbook

And There's More...

  • 📦 Resources, worksheets, data trackers, and service hour delivery related to the pandemic and distance learning.

  • 📚 Parent resources, including your procedural safeguards and more.

Your Path to Empowerment

This toolkit is designed to be your guiding light in the world of IEP advocacy. With it, you'll have the tools, knowledge, and resources needed to advocate effectively for your child's education and future.

Stay Updated

We're committed to your success. This toolkit is a living resource, continually evolving and growing. We'll keep you updated with new additions, ensuring you stay at the forefront of IEP advocacy.

The Time to Act Is Now!

Don't let the complexities of IEP advocacy overwhelm you. Click the link below to access your shiny new IEP Toolkit for Parents: PDF Only. It's your passport to confidence and success in your child's educational journey.

To Your Child's Bright Future,

Lisa Lightner

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