Deep Dives: In-Depth Content Exploration into IDEA and IEPs

Have you ever felt like you're in a constant battle when it comes to your child's Individualized Education Program (IEP)? 

Do you find yourself longing for a deeper understanding, a game-changing edge that will give you the upper hand in this journey?

Well, dear parent, you've just found your secret weapon. 

Welcome to the IDEA and IEPs: Deep Dive Content—the ultimate resource designed exclusively for parents like you.

Why Should You Care?

Before we dive into the nitty-gritty, let me tell you why this is unlike anything you've ever encountered. 

This isn't your average course--after attending 100s of IEP meetings with my own child and clients, I give you the real truth about the issues.

This is your chance to level up, to go beyond the surface, and to truly master the art of navigating the IEP process.

This is Your Deep Dive Content Series:

Imagine this—a treasure trove of 33 in-depth training sessions, each dedicated to tackling a specific IEP concern or topic. 

It's like having a personal IEP expert at your fingertips, ready to guide you through the complexities of the educational system.

Here's the Deal:

  • When you purchase the Deep Dive Content Series, you gain instant access to all the Deep Dive sessions available in our training library.

  • But here's the real kicker: You'll also have access to any new sessions that we add. That means you're not just investing in your present; you're securing your IEP future.

Unmatched Insights, Unparalleled Expertise:

These aren't your run-of-the-mill training sessions. Each one is a deep dive into a specific IEP concern or topic. It's like peeling back the layers of complexity and discovering the core solutions you need.

Who Is This For?

Now, before you jump in, I want to be crystal clear: This is designed for parents, by parents. It's a resource born out of the blood, sweat, and tears of parents who've been where you are. That said, teachers can possibly learn a few things, so check out the specific content list by scrolling down.

What's Inside the Deep Dive Content Series?

Are you curious about what awaits you in this treasure trove of knowledge? Scroll down to see the complete and most current list of sessions. 

From mastering the intricacies of the IEP process to understanding the legal nuances, we've got you covered.

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P.S. Don't let the IEP process intimidate you any longer. It's time to become the advocate your child deserves. Join us now and take the plunge into the Deep Dive Content Series!

Please note: This is a product that was designed for parents. Teachers and school staff may find it useful. I encourage you to read the list of sessions (below) before deciding.

35 Lessons

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Understanding IEP Progress Monitoring, for Parents

Understand how to Get Meaningful Data and Progress Monitoring

Overview: IEP Transition to Adulthood Section and Goals

How to Write Meaningful IEP Goals

If your IEP goals aren't solid and meaningful, you won't get the supports your child needs.

Understanding IEP Evaluations, for Parents

How to Make Sense of your Evaluation Reports

The Preschool to Kindergarten IEP Transition

How to Make the most of the Special Ed Preschool to KG transition.

What Parents Should Know about ESY-Extended School Year

Homework: Considerations for IEP Students

What adjustments can be made to an IEP student's homework?

IEP Placement Decisions, explained.

Is your child in the right IEP placement? Here's how to tell, and change it if necessary.

Disability Eligibility Categories and Special Factors: Does it matter what is checked?

Understand these two important sections of the IEP.

Your Parental Rights/Procedural Safeguards, explained.

Assistive Technology, AAC and Your IEP

A replay of the webinar I presented for Office of Special Ed programs a few years ago.

Why Your IEP Needs a Vision Statement, and how to create one.

Know the Importance of an IEP Vision Statement, and Create one!

All Things Behavior and IEPs, including FBA and BIP.

Discuss FBAs, BIP and how to have meaningful ones on your IEP.

Student Discipline, Rights and IEPs/504s

Disabled Students are afforded different procedures during disciplinary incidents.

Using Official (and impactful!) Language and Wording in your Communication to the School.

Learn the different federal agencies and the guidance documents they publish.

Aides, Paraprofessionals and Your IEP

How to get an Aide on your IEP and make it meaningful.

LRE-Least Restrictive Environment and your IEP

Comprehensive understanding of Least Restrictive Environment or LRE.

Understand the Official IEP Forms we Sign.

Understand the various forms you sign in the IEP process.

IDEA, Special Education Laws and Supreme Court Cases

Participants will be familiar with common laws and SCOTUS decisions that affect disabled children.

What are IEP Educational Surrogates? And how to become one.

Learn about Educational Surrogates and be inspired to be one!

What to Know About Middle and High School IEPs.

Put together a foundation for a solid IEP for middle/high school.

Transition Workshop 1: What IDEA Says

Getting started on a solid transition plan for your child.

Transition Workshop 2: Evaluations and More

Set the Foundation for what your Child's Transition Program will look like

Transition Workshop 3: IEP Transition Goals and Supports

Talking about solid, relevant IEP transition goals.

Transition Workshop 4: Overcoming IEP Team Hurdles

Get your IEP Team to YES with your child's IEP transition planning.

Transition Workshop 5: Adult Services

Gain an understanding of some of the services available for disabled adults.

When your IEP Team Wants to Remove Services

Troubleshooting and options when your IEP team is trying to remove services.

School Refusal, School Avoidance and Shortened Days and Weeks

What to do if your child is experiencing school refusal or needs shortened time.

What to Do When Your IEP Child is Being Bullied.

How to Respond to Bullying at School

Getting Involved in Lobbying Session 1

Understand the Basics of Lobbying or Systems Change

Getting Involved in Lobbying Session 2

Making a Plan to Contact your Legislators.

IEPs Post Pandemic--What Now?

Developing an advocacy strategy when the pandemic is over

Should you Secure Private Services?

Should you secure private services rather than fight with the school?

When the IEP isn't Being Followed

Steps to Take when the School is Not Following the IEP